Tica M. O’Neill announces run for 2022 C.A.R. Treasurer

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for C.A.R. Treasurer 2022.  I am very excited and humbled by the challenge of running for a leadership role in our great state association.   In these particularly challenging times it is important for us to have experienced and qualified leaders to accept the mantle of leadership as we forge new pathways and processes.

My father was my example of giving back to our local, state and national associations.  As a child, I attended CREA (California Real Estate Association) meetings with my family because my father was serving as a state director.   I remember when I first attended CAR Director meetings as a “baby” Realtor® - seeing the men who had been elected to serve as leaders up on the dais.  I remember a thought that skipped through my mind of – maybe someday I’ll be up there?  There have been many treasurers, both men and women, who have served our association well as we have continued to excel and lead our industry. Theirs are daunting shoes to fill as I begin this endeavor. 

At the local level I have been an active participant for the 39 years I have been a Realtor®.  I have also participated at the state level for over 30 years in various capacities – as a member, vice chair, or chair of many committees.  It is an honor and privilege to be at a point in my life when I can commit to serving my colleagues as Treasurer.  I believe that to truly lead – we must serve.  I hope to fulfill my dream to serve you well, as my predecessors have.   I appreciate your interest in and, ultimately, your support of my candidacy as C.A.R. Treasurer 2022!

© 2022 Tica M. O'Neill for C.A.R. Treasurer

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