Dear C.A.R. Directors,

In these changing times - I have never been more gratified to be a Realtor®.  Our Realtor community has led the way for all of us as we traverse new challenges in our economy and our daily way of doing business.  When I say “The Realtor Family is my second family” I really mean it.  I have been honored to be an active participant locally, at the state and national levels of our association.  I am blessed to be a part of such a vibrant group of independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and successful business people who are my colleagues. We respect each other’s views on issues and work together for the bigger picture beyond just ourselves.  We are constantly innovating and adapting to changes that have been forced upon us and instigated by our own vision of the future.  I could just be another sole-proprietor who simply works day by day at their own business – but I have chosen and devoted 39 years as a Realtor® – more than 30 years as a State Director.  Why? Because I know what we do makes a difference.  I know that our mission as an association is important – to our industry, to our clients and to our country.  I want the opportunity to be a part of the leadership team as Treasurer in order to be an active participant in shaping our future.  Some are focusing on the changes we are facing with discomfort – I look at them as opportunities to shine even more as we embrace our new world.

I have served in numerous leadership positions as Issues Chair, Vice-Chair and Chair of many committees, I have demonstrated clear communication for productive discussion of issues.  Managing the meeting to allow all to be able to “state their case”, while remaining focused on our goals.  I have always worked hard to delegate responsibility to other members of the leadership of the committee for two reasons; 1) to help develop leadership skills in my colleagues (we must always look for our replacement!), and 2) recognizing that each of us brings different skills, views, etc. to any given situation/issue. One of the greatest values of our association is the ability to tap into those divergent views in order to have the best result in the end.  Never has that been more evident than today when we are faced with changes on the local, state and national picture daily.

As Treasurer, my primary job will be to lead the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee – one of our most important committees because they lay the groundwork for the future – must have members who have superior knowledge of our business – be willing to think both inside and outside the box – be innovative, creative, and hold the line.   We must also be committed to our mission as Realtors®.  We must have a deep and abiding dedication to our obligations as leaders of our great association.  We must embrace change as needed and maintain our foundation of values in the process.

My business experiences and association experiences give me a unique view of historical references and future vision.  I have run a traditional franchise office as the “sales manager, recruiter, and trainer.” Over the years our family business has become more of a boutique/niche business with hoa, residential income, and commercial property management – while also still participating in sales transactions.  Since 1962, when my dad founded our office, we have been serving our local real estate community whose dynamics are constantly changing.  I face the daily challenges that all of us have in the evolving landscape we find ourselves in.  Searching for solutions to boundaries that appear fluid during this transitional economy and workplace.  Finding new efficiencies and adapting to our clients’ needs.

My association experience has also been varied.  Although blessed to be a part of a mega-board of 9000 plus members now, originally we were a small local board/association of less than 500 members.  I was the only second-generation president of the association and was instrumental in the mergers that occurred and began while I was President.  We merged five associations into the one large association we are today – covering five cities and many different markets.  So I know what it is like to be a part of running a small association and providing service to members of a very specialized locale – while also now being able to service all of our diverse communities within our current association. 

We have new challenges today.  Facing the current tests is not simply a matter of “protecting” our business – it is our task to ensure that we as Realtors® continue our defense of homeownership, free transfer of real property, the ability to produce profits from investing in real property, and, of course,  the American Dream.  Having worked these many years in five different municipalities and each of their unique versions of housing policies, regulations, controls, and bureaucracy – we have endured despite these past challenges and we will persevere with innovation and courage in the future. 

That’s what I want to be a part of – facing tomorrow’s industry challenges.  We are each as unique as a single petal of a poppy – together we are stronger, united as one flower.  I am willing and able to serve our association and appreciate your support of my campaign.  I look forward to your active participation in our Association and input!

© 2022 Tica M. O'Neill for C.A.R. Treasurer

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