As we face the momentous changes to our lives which these past few months have necessitated – we hold firm to our belief in the importance of homeownership.  Not just as a source of wealth building – but as the bedrock of our communities as move beyond and through this post COVID-19 world.  We have been forced to adopt changes that affect how we live and breathe each day.  The economic uncertainty of forced business closures has brought many fears to the forefront – fear of recession, loss of wealth, loss of life, loss of our way of life.  However, I believe that as a profession, we have always risen to the occasion and that we will weather this storm as we have so many others. 

We will need to make changes, of course, but these are changes that make sense in the big picture – therefore, we need not fear them.  The demand for homes and properties will still exist – there may be price “corrections” for the market changes, but again, not anything we need to fear, per se.  We will need to work at all levels of our profession to ensure the availability of capital for loans – the grease that moves the wheels of transactions.  We will need to look at short-term needs and long-term needs in each of our marketplaces.  We as Realtors® are not simply “accommodators” or “task bunnies” – we, together, are the solutions.  We have embraced the social distancing and inserted our available technologies to ease the pressure our clients are experiencing.  Our value as Realtors® has always exceeded the steps of a transaction in the level of service, professionalism and true value we bring to our clients we serve.   Our market knowledge, our understanding of local regulation, and our ability to adapt and continue serving our clients remains. 

We are each as unique as a single petal of a poppy – together we are stronger, united as one flower.  Just as the seeds of the poppy may lie dormant in the ground to burst forth with blooms – we will do the work in the trenches to continue to defend homeownership rights and represent our clients and our members.

© 2022 Tica M. O'Neill for C.A.R. Treasurer

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