Jeremy Stanfield

Humboldt Association of Realtors

"I have known Tica over the years from my involvement at CAR. I have watched her bring thoughtful perspective and industry knowledge to each conversation she is engaged in. She is a born leader with tons of experience and wisdom. Her guidance and leadership will be vital to the continued success of organized real estate. Tica has proven with her volunteerism and willingness to serve our members, that she would be an incredible asset to CAR. She comes prepared, well educated and fully invested in whatever she puts her heart into. Please join me by voting to make Tica our 2022 CAR Treasurer. "

Rita Tayenaka

Orange County Realtors

"Tica has been an active member of CAR for years and has contributed to it's betterment in many ways.  She has a full range of history with the association as far as being involved in many different areas of the whole.  She would be a great leader during these turbulent times, with a strong focus on what is best for the association and it's members."

Jean Powers

Bay East

"Tica has been a Director for many many years and involved in numerous CAR committees and leadership positions. She also has experience with selling real estate, managing real estate offices and property management. She is highly ethical & professional with the most experience for this position more than any REALTOR I know in this business."

Leannah Hunt

Silicon Valley

"With her extensive CAR leadership experience , accounting background and temperament Tica is the outstanding capable candidate to be our next  Treasurer!"

Kelvin Wong

Arcadia Association of REALTORS®

"Tica is the best candidate for Treasurer at C.A.R. 2022 because of her wealth of knowledge and her unlimited passion to our real estate industry. She cares about our REALTORS® members as well as to preserve and protect our property rights. She is an exceptional effective communicator and delivered her messages professionally and effectively and is always a good listener and open-minded. She always accepts, encourages and inspires newcomers to serve. She is genuine and a natural leader. I met her around 1998 when I began to attend CAR business meetings. Not only did she come to talk to me and welcome me, she answered my questions and shared information with me. Later I had the opportunity to serve together with Tica on committees and task forces. She is amazingly knowledgeable and well prepared! I had the opportunity to observe her chairing meetings. She is always prepared. She presented the facts and addressed issues professionally and confidently. She guided the discussion thoroughly so that members voice their opinions and reach to a common resolution. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tica M. O'Neill to serve as our 2022 C.A.R. Treasurer. I trust her confidently that she would lead C.A.R. to overcome challenges ahead of us!"

Terry Wunderlich

North Bay Association of Realtors®

"Tica is Inclusive, Informative, Insightful and the Right Person to be the 2022 CAR Treasurer!  My personal observation of her involvement in a wide range of leadership positions at CAR has shown her as prepared and ready to get the job done when asked and jump in with her knowledge and experience to make things happen.  Our world has changed dramatically and I am confident that Tica's ability to be flexible is crucial today. Knowledge is Power and I believe that is what Tica has and she will work with our members and the Leadership Team to charter us through the unpredictable times we face. "

Frank Nelson

The Inland Gateway Association of Realtors®

"I have been a licensed Real Estate broker since 1978 and have been a member of The Inland Gateway Association of Realtors® since 1991. I have not known a finer person than Tica in all those years. Tica has always provided knowledge and leadership whenever she was asked by here Association or C.A.R. I wholeheartedly recommend Tica for the Treasurer of C.A.R. 2022. "

Barbara J. Palmer

Bailey Properties Inc.

"The California Legislature is trying to create laws to work through our residential property shortage, which is anticipated to continue for several years.  Tica has the knowledge and experience to help lead us through the challenge.  She is a second-generation Realtor® who has a great deal of experience of working with investors and tenants in property management, as well as having an extensive understanding of business.  She knows when to listen, how to evaluate, and when to speak to the issues.  Thank you, Tica for offering to step up and provide your expertise to CAR by contributing as a member of the leadership team. "

© 2022 Tica M. O'Neill for C.A.R. Treasurer

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